All About Curb Appeal: How To Prepare a House for Quick Sale

by Becca Davis | Last Updated: December 6, 2019

Let’s admit it: you should never judge a book by the cover. Unfortunately, this happens all day long in the real estate business. The first thing people notice about your house is, naturally, what it looks like—and the outside is the first place, naturally, they look.

There’s good news. We know what makes your curb look so appealing. First, we’ll list some top selling features that your house might already include! But fear not… if it doesn’t, we’ve got a back-pocket list of easy, cheapish DIY projects that will all but guarantee a second look.

Top Features to Maximize Curb-Appeal

A Room with a View

That’s right: location, location. You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again. The location of your house and the view from its windows and porches is critical. Don’t kill the messenger! However, don’t be discouraged if you’re in a desert or an urban jungle. Believe it or not, city views are attracting as much attention as landscapes these days, and even a nice rock garden and adding some Californian Spanish style décor to your desertscape is interesting buyers of all ages!

Lights, Camera, Action!

You can forget the cameras and you can forget the action. It’s external lighting that people are really going for. It doesn’t seem to matter too much what kind of lighting you install so long as it’s bright and energy efficient, but it’s crystal clear: the more light, the more interest. Lights usually convey safety and comfort, so they’re well worth the investment.

A Patio Paradise

People love to sit outside… even if they’re not outdoorsy. A patio of any kind (but especially one large enough for a rocker or two and some hanging plants) is often all people need to read “rest and relaxation” all over your house.

Spacious Storage Space

Whether it’s a large garage or a nicely kept small shed or outdoor storage space, people are asking for more places to hide their tools, trashcans, and motorcycles. Don’t have a lot of outdoor storage? Consider investing in a small, pre-fabricated shed or barn. Even Home Depot and Lowe’s have some fast, easy, and relatively cheap options! Plus, this is a great way to store all your outdoor eyesores for when prospective buyers come cruising through.

A Place to Make S’Mores

Yep, fire pits and outdoor kitchens are on many buyer’s wish list. Outdoor kitchens are trickier to install, so if you have one, you’re lucky, and it’s worth making it look as clean and welcoming as possible. But short of a kitchen, a fire pit is relatively easy and cheap to install and well worth the effort. (True, they’re usually in the back yard, and we did say “curb appeal,” but go with us on this one.)

A Garden Getaway

It doesn’t matter how big or what’s planted there, gardens with lots of flowers and greenery go the distance. It adds color, health, and vitality to any home. Flowering trees and bushes are especially attractive, but hanging plants and even window boxes are just as lovely and extremely cost effective.

A Rustic Carriage Garage Door

Yep, you heard us: people are interested in your garage door… if it looks like it belongs on a carriage house, that is. Not sure what a carriage door is? Google it and see how fast and easy it is to get that rustic look for one of the biggest and most eye-grabbing feature of your house!

A Club House

Ok, so it’s not a club house at all. What people really want are outdoor living spaces. But those tiny refurbished sheds-turned-guest-houses look like cute, country club houses, and they get a lot of curb appeal.

So, what’s that? You don’t have any of those features? No prob! There are a lot of truly cheap and easy DIY projects you can undertake to turn your house into a lovely and welcoming neighborhood attraction. Check out these ideas, then let us know if you have more!

If your lawn or garden are looking a little bare, add:

Still not inspired? We’ve got more! Consider these gems:

We hope this helps! Remember: the best way to add curb appeal to your home is to keep your lawn trimmed and, if you’re out in the yard or on the porch, to smile and wave at everyone as they pass. These features are not just cheap… they’re priceless!

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